De velho se faz novo

CRISTINA, 31 Dezembro, 2015

Não faço balanços no virar da página. Gosto de os fazer no dia a dia onde vou percebendo se preciso de abrandar ou pôr outra mudança. Tenho andado em quinta nos últimos anos, quase sem tempo de admirar a paisagem. Fui parando apenas nas estações de serviço onde abasteci o depósito para seguir em frente. O meu frenesim tornou-se hábito, a ponto de o achar motivador. Não sei estar quieta. Uma hora livre numa agenda de muitas linhas já me deixa confusa. 2015 trouxe-me surpresas que abracei cheia de garra. Quando hoje em dia me perguntam o que vem mais aí peço-lhes calma. Que rima com alma. E esse talvez seja o segredo de quase tudo. Não faço por fazer. Gosto do que me acrescenta. Do que embrulhado em paixão se torna tão meu que não consigo largar. Quero apenas cimentar. Olhar para mim, para os meus, tornar-me melhor. Acabei este fim de ano em paz. Procurei o silêncio das terras portuguesas para me despedir do “barulho” de 2015. Certa que em 2016 tudo voltará à normalidade. E a ver pela primeira semana, vamos lá tirar as mãozinhas dos bolsos que ninguém faz por nós. Não peçam desejos, cumpram os vossos sonhos.

I don’t like to do an evaluation when it’s the end of the year. I like to do it day by day, where I can realize if I need to slow down or put a faster speed on the gear stick of the car. I’ve been in 5-speed these last years, without time to admire the view. I have been stopping at the service stations, just to refuel the tank and keep going. My accelerated mode has become an habit and now it’s like a motivation for me. I do not know how to stop. One free hour on an agenda with so many lines already makes me confuse. 2015 brought me surprises that I embraced with excitement. When people ask me what’s coming next, I beg them patience. That rhymes with soul, in Portuguese. I think that’s the secret to almost everything. I like anything that complements me, what is wrapped in passion and becomes so mine that I cannot let go. I searched for the silence of the Portuguese lands to say goodbye to the “noise” of 2015. Convinced that in 2016 everything will come back to normal. Let’s take the hands from our pockets because nobody will do the job for you. Don’t ask for wishes, fight for your dreams.


Do you know when there are people so important that it seems like we can’t do anything without them? Well, that’s the feeling I get about my team. Nothing makes sense without them. We are together in everything.


I really wanted to make him proud. Almost on the last dance move, we looked at each other and we just didn’t scream because we couldn’t. We knew it was done. And that hug in the end worth it more than any word we could trade. Thank you for everything. You are one of the people I want to keep in my life. We did it.


We live together 8 hours per day. We start the day together, sharing breakfast and smiles. We are united for something so big that we can not even explain. We are like brother and sister from the same blood. Not the one that flows in our veins, but the one that gets to our hearts.


I still don’t have the words to describe the moment. For two hours, I was so nervous that my legs were shaking. Little by little, I started to enjoy the anxiety and everything that was happening. Around me, I had a team that is so much more than a team. They were also very nervous for me. “Everything will be fine” was the only thing they were telling me (…). We are not defined by the place where we are born, but by the streets that we decide to explore.


Pink or Black, it was necessary to choose the color to wear at the event. The Portuguese designer Dino Alves, combined both colors and made a real master piece. Pink in the interior and in a detailed flower that ended up by being the center of the attentions. That night I got a lot of compliments and I proudly reinforced Dino Alves’ name and the fact that we are Portuguese.


Nuno has been my Personal Trainer for 3 years now, but I didn’t made his task very easy at the beginning. For a long period of time, I wasn’t a very committed trainee. He told me “If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right” and I used to answer him that I was not made to suffer.


I discovered a city where there’s fashion in every corner. A whole new world marked by Vitor Emanuel galleries and Piaza del Duomo. And of course, by pasta. In a city filled with people and party during the Fashion Week. I loved it.


We were 13 at the table. My lucky number and lucky me by having them by my side for 2 years now. May 21st of 2013 (there’s the number 13) will always be in my memory, as our first day. The day when we hold each others’ hands and never let go.


What I have from Africa are my father’s army pictures. Since I was a little girl, I tried to know more about those memories without never asking too many questions. I listened to some stories of departure and arrival, when they were hugging him in his return.


I’m passionate about fashion. I’ve always been. One of my first jobs was at a store, where I fell in love with everything that involves this important sector in our society. We are what we wear, too.

FELIZ 2016! 🙂

 HAPPY 2016! 🙂

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